While we would love to take all the good books and items that you bring in, our sales are limited primarily to educational materials and current subject courses. We do take classic reading materials also. (Titles like To Kill a Mockingbird, Jane Eyre, and more kindergarten to 12th grade classic reads.)

When you come in, we give you a consignment agreement to fill out and a consignor number is assigned. Then we go through your items and help you stamp or label, price, and package them. Items are usually priced at two-thirds of the purchase price (purchase price times .66). Some items we price in ranges. For example, many readers will not sell for more than $5.00, so many readers are priced in the $1 to $5 range. Other items may be $5 to $10 range and so on. If you do not know the price that you paid for some your items, we will be glad to help you!

Before you come in, we recommend only that you put items in two groups: things that you are sure are current and consignable and things that you are not sure about. You can list the items that are consigned on one of our book logs and we make a copy of that list for you. If you intend to pick up items after the consignment period ends, we strongly recommend that you make or mark a list at the store.

We will be glad to consign your books for you, but we do not make a list for you if we do and it does include a small fee.

Below is a portion our consignment agreement:

The Home School Gathering Place (HSGP) accepts on consignment educational and resource materials. Items must meet these criteria before being accepted for consignment:

  • Items must pertain to kindergarten through 12th grade homeschooling and be currently usable. If a workbook is required for any consignment item, it must be currently available from the publisher. When newer editions are available, older editions must be approved before consigning.
  • Items must be clean, complete, and in usable condition.

HSGP reserves the right to reject any item for consignment or resale at any time for any reason. HSGP will price or approve pricing of all items whenever necessary at its sole discretion.

Items are consigned on the following basis:

– 50% to consignee and 50% to HSGP for an item selling for $39.00 or less
– 75% to consignee and 25% to HSGP for an item selling $39.01 to $99.00
– 80% to consignee and 20% to HSGP for an item selling $99.01 and up.

HSGP will retain consigned items for 12 months. HSGP reserves the right to reduce any item by 25% after 6 months and 50% after 9 months. After 12 months items become property of HSGP if not re-consigned or picked up by the consignee.

HSGP will mail payment checks quarterly in January, April, July, and October if consignee is due $25.00 or more.  A fee of .50 per check is included for check and mailing expense. When a balance is available on your account, it may be used on store purchases. A cash payout can be made as well.